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The earliest traces of human activity in the Hottentots Holland Valley are to be found at Grootnek and Uitzicht, two locations deep in the heart of Lourensford Estates. The Uitzicht stoneage midden has early and middle stoneage artifacts (150,000 - 200,000 years BC) that are leached out of the soil by winter rains.

After this period, San peoples were to occupy the Valley, and one single painting (finger painting) remains. Flint arrowheads and bone tools occasionally leach out of the soils around the cave area.

Following them were the Quenaku or "Red People" responsible for opening the long-distance trading trails. Again at Uitzicht and barely 100 m from the stone age midden is a Quena astronomical conservatory, which formed an integral part of a cosmological religion.

The Khoi-Khoi (Man-Man) and Khoi-San (Naked Man) were well established in the area when the Dutch arrived in Table Bay.

The property Lourensford, is adjacent to, and was once part of Vergelegen (1700 AD).

In October 1709, after Willem Adriaan van der Stel's deportation, the farm Vergelegen was divided into 4 farms.

The South-Western portion consisting of 101 morgen was sold to Wessel Pretorius and renamed Cloetenberg. The portion South of the Lourens River was bought by Jacob Malan and renamed Morgenster. The third portion included the present Estates of Erinvale (Welgelegen) and Lourensford (Vellerbreiding-Molen), North-West of the river and consisted of 170 morgen on which there were two large Vineyards (23 morgen), a Garden (3 morgen), a Press House, Horse Stables, Corn Mill and several Kraals. Jacobus van der Heijden took transfer of this portion in 1711 AD and on his death was divided into three portions, namely Welgelegen (Erinvale), Vrede en Hoop and Lourensford.

Lourensford consisted of Laastegift (Brinksburg) and was owned by Albert van der Heijden (1711 AD), a part of Republique (last owned by Marthinus Wilhelmus Theunissen and Daniel Jacobus Malan).
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