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M'Hudi Wines: The Rangaka Family
The Rangaka Family are the founders of the M'hudi brand and the main characters in the M'hudi Boutique Wines adventure. Having left their successful professional careers they settled down to learning new and specialised skills of viticulture and wine making to establish the now blossoming M'hudi Brand.

K. Malmsey Rangaka - CEO
Malmsey is the matriarch and live-force of M'hudi. She has headed the Rangaka family for over thirty years. She encouraged the family to look beyond the familiar in our quest for an alternative life style and galvanized all of us into accepting that life can be much more exciting if you take risks.

Tsêliso Rangaka - Brand Manager
Tsêli a qualified and experienced journalist and advertiser joined Malmsey to start the farm venture. A talented and prolific wordologist, he wrote for several wine magazines (; Winescapes) and has contributed to John Platter's South African Wines and to Wine. He represents the M'hudi brand in Gauteng.

Lebogang Rangaka - Local Marketer
Our only daughter proved herself within her field of human resources in various senior positions at several companies before heeding the call of M'hudi. She joined the family business to establish M’hudi Wines in the local market and has been trained in all the nuances of wine retail by professionals from UK retail giant Marks and Spencer.

Diale Rangaka - Viticulturist/Export Marketer
Diale the head of the family readily walked away from his career as professor, higher education administrator to join Malmsey on the farm. He currently sits on the board of Wines of South Africa (WOSA). Until recently was the Secretary of the South African Black Vintners Alliance. Commonly called Oupa, he is often found herding two rambunctious grandsons around the farm

Senyane Rangaka - Marketing Manager
Senyane, a filmmaker by profession, was part of the team that produced the short film "Ongeriewe", which achieved top honours at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Senyane is responsible for all M'hudi Wines' marketing material, product development, creating a strong online presence for the company, as well as building brand equity through partnerships, promotions and events.

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